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Baby Elephant at Etosha Waterhole (edition of 100)Kalahari Springbok (edition of 50)Kalahari Wildebeest (edition of 100)Murmuration In The Storm - Starlings of Brighton Pier (edition of 150)Starling Murmuration (edition of 150)Richmond Park Stag (edition of 150)Silhouetted Deer (edition of 100)Stag in Mist with Sunrise (edition of 100)Goliath Heron Fishing (edition of 150)Leopard in Tree (edition of 150)Lion Cub Drinking at Waterhole (edition of 150)Kalahari Lioness Portrait (edition of 150)

Signed limited-edition wildlife photography prints for sale from The Wildlife Photographer:

A3 archival matte print £68 incl P&P (paper size 42cm x 30cm, image area approx 37cm x 24cm)

A4 archival matte print £48 incl P&P (paper size 30cm x 21cm, image area approx 25cm x 17cm)

A3 and A4 limited edition prints are available to order online. Please select a size option when adding an image to the shopping basket. Please note that exact image dimensions may vary depending on the original proportions. Custom sizes and products are available on request.

Signed Limited-edition Wildlife Photography Prints

Andrew Forsyth Photographer

The Wildlife Photographer, Andrew Forsyth photographing a meerkat in the Kalahari Desert, Southern Africa

I love printing my images. Years of dedication, early mornings, late nights, expense and effort culminates in every one of the photographs on this website so I owe it to myself to adopt the same approach when printing them. I’ve never been impressed with the quality of prints from labs so I produce them myself, casting aside version after version until I’m satisfied that every single element is the best it can possibly be. This isn’t a technical exercise, it’s an artistic journey similar to sketching. People who’ve watched me work are unable to spot the differences between the last few drafts as I get closer to the print I’m visualising and are shocked when I tear up versions that they consider ‘good enough’. But I simply won’t put my signature on a print until I’m 100% happy with it.

Grasses.jpgBrighton West Pier.jpgPrints.jpgWave.jpgLioness.jpgGoliath Heron.jpgDandelion.jpgBrighton Day Trippers.jpg

What to expect when you order

I’m always honoured to receive an order, to me it’s the ultimate compliment. When you place an order I will email you to introduce myself, confirm the details and size etc. I’ll also be happy to hear about you, what you like about the photos and who the print is for. I will tell you the tale behind the photo, making your experience of owning one much more personal.

I think the traditional prints look spectacular. Printed on heavyweight matte paper (this cuts down on distracting reflections when framed behind glass) and using long-life Epson Ultrachrome K3 inks they make a wonderful and lasting gift for yourself or a loved one. I work in limited editions of between 100 and 150 so these have the added value of being rare too. Each picture has a fine black edge around it and I leave a large white border, exactly as you see them presented in the gallery. The title and limited edition number is hand-written at the bottom left-hand side of the frame and I sign it at the bottom right. Producing prints this way takes time, so if you’re in a hurry contact me first to find out how quickly I can sit down and make one. I hate to miss a deadline, so turnaround times will usually be between a day (if I’m at home twiddling my thumbs) and three weeks or more (if I’m on a shoot). My blog will usually give you an indication of my whereabouts.

In the unlikely event that you are not 100% happy with your print just let me know what the problem is. I’ll see if I can fix it but if I can’t you may simply return it to me by a recorded delivery method (I ask that you cover this cost) and I will refund the purchase price and original postage.

I’m now also producing over-sized acrylic prints, although as these are custom made they are not available through this page. These are a conventional print mounted on an aluminium di-bond back and with either glossy or matte acrylic on the front. These are a real impact piece and can be produced up to 1.8m wide. These are done individually to order, so if you’re seriously interested please get in touch (using the contact form) to discuss your requirements and pricing. As a guideline a 1m version costs around £600, including shipping worldwide. Here’s one produced for a client in New York:

Murmuration in the Storm Acrylic Print

Murmuration in the Storm Acrylic Print

The prints that you can buy here represent a tiny fraction of my work, more of which can be found in the galleries and I am happy to discuss printing any of these with you before you commit to an order. Simply get in touch via the contact form, even if you just want to say hi.