african big cats

Images of lion, leopard and cheetah from Etosha National Park, the Kgalagadi (Kalahari) Transfrontier Park and Kruger National Park in South Africa.

Leopard In TreeCheetah CubCheetah KillCheetah KillCheetah KillCheetah PortraitCheetah PortraitMale LeopardCheetah PortraitClose-up Lion FeedingEtosha Male LionFeeding CheetahFeeding CheetahFeeding CheetahHidden Lion FeedingHiding Lion CubKalahariDesertCheetah.jpgKalahari LionKalahari LionKalahari Lion PairClose-up Lioness PortraitKalahari Lion PortraitLion Close PortraitLion Close Portrait FeedingLion Cub DrinkingLion Cub PortraitLionessLionessLionessLioness PortraitLioness PortraitLion Family GroupLion PortraitLion PortraitMale LionMating Kalahari LionsMating Kalahari LionsResting Kalahari LionResting Kalahari LionResting Kalahari LionResting Lion CubRunning LionSleeping LeopardSmiling LionessSnarling LionStalking Kalahari LionessWalking LionStalking Lion CubYawning LionYoung Male Kalahari LionYoung Male Lion PortraitYoung Male Lion Portrait