japanese snow monkeys

Images of Japanese macaques, also known as snow monkeys, in the hot springs at Jigokudani in Japan. This gallery forms part of an ongoing project documenting urban monkeys and their interactions with humans. Click here to view this series.

Snow Monkey PortraitInfant Snow MonkeyRooftop Snow MonkeysSnow Monkey Looking Into WaterSnow Monkey At Barred WindowSnow Monkey At WindowSnow Monkey Drinking ReflectionSnow Monkey Carrying InfantSnow Monkey Crossing RiverSnow Monkey Group GroomingSnow Monkey HandSnow Monkey In Cleared ForestSnow Monkey TouristSnow Monkey Jumping From Hot SpringSnow Monkey Male DrinkingSnow Monkey Night PortraitSnow Monkey On RoadSnow Monkey On RockSnow Monkey On Roof At DuskSnow Monkey On Roof In RainSnow Monkey Pair BathingSnow Monkey Pair GroomingSnow Monkey Pool CleaningSnow Monkey RelaxingSnow Monkey RestingSnow Monkey Side PortraitSnow Monkey SittingSnow Monkey SurfacingSnow Monkey Three GroomingSnow Monkey TouristsBathing Japanese MacaqueFighting Snow MonkeysSnow Monkey Diving Into Hot SpringSnow Monkey Jumping Over RiverSnow Monkey PortraitSnow Monkey Resting On Warm PipeSnow Monkey Sharing Hot Bath With ManSnow Monkeys In Hot Spring