urban monkeys

This body of work documents the lives of monkeys that live alongside people. At it’s heart the project reflects my interest in the many species of non-human primate that are adapting to a man-made environment. I would also hope that from these cases we can learn how to live with other wildlife in this increasingly crowded world.

As with all big projects this is a work in progress, but at this stage it explores two highly significant factors affecting human/primate coexistence; culture and commerce. In Jaipur, as with many Indian cities, rhesus macaques are ubiquitous. Their presence is not without points of conflict, but cohabitation exists largely because of the cultural values of the human population. In the mountains of Japan snow monkeys (another species of macaque) have adopted some facets of human culture and have become a relatively well-managed tourist attraction. In Gibraltar conflict is rife, with frequent and close contact between Barbary macaques and tourists in pursuit of holiday snaps and happy memories. Each location offers lessons and experiences that can move us towards a more understanding and intelligent relationship with wild animals.

Man Feeding Rhesus MacaquesSnow Monkey Portrait 2Cyclist Feeding Gibraltar Barbary MacaqueGibraltar Barbary Macaque And TouristGibraltar Barbary Macaque And TouristsGibraltar Barbary Macaque BabyGibraltar Barbary Macaque DangerGibraltar Barbary Macaque Eating CakeGibraltar Barbary Macaque ExpressionGibraltar Barbary Macaque LoungingGibraltar Barbary Macaque MouthfulGibraltar Barbary Macaque EyesGibraltar Barbary Macaque Pulling HairGibraltar Barbary Macaque SilhouettedGibraltar Barbary Macaque Sitting On WallGibraltar Barbary Macaque And Taxi DriverGibraltar Barbary Macaque ThreatInfant Snow MonkeyRhesus Macaque Climbing WireRhesus Macaque Above TempleRhesus Macaque Baby In Busy Jaipur StreetRhesus Macaque Being FedRhesus Macaque Crossing Above StreetRhesus Macaque Eating BananaRhesus Macaque Eating FlowersRhesus Macaque Face To FaceRhesus Macaque FeedingHindu Hand-feeding A Rhesus MacaqueRhesus Macaque Sitting In Galta TempleRhesus Macaque In TreeRhesus Macaque On Coca Cola AdvertRhesus Macaque On ScaffoldingRhesus Macaque On TapRhesus Macaque On WallRhesus Macaque Sitting on Pink WallRhesus Macaque Playing With SignRhesus Macaque Portrait SittingRhesus Macaque on RooftopsRhesus Macaque Sunset StreetRhesus Macaque Trio On WallRhesus Macaque Wall WalkingRhesus Macaque Watching ShopkeeperRhesus Macaque With ClothRhesus Macaque With Street DogRooftop Snow MonkeysSnow MonkeySnow Monkey At Barred WindowSnow Monkey At WindowSnow Monkey Bowing ReflectionSnow Monkey Carrying InfantSnow Monkey Crossing RiverSnow Monkey Group GroomingSnow Monkey Hand.jpgSnow Monkey In Cleared ForestSnow Monkey In CrowdSnow Monkey JumpingSnow Monkey MaleSnow Monkey Night PortraitSnow Monkey On RoadSnow Monkey On RockSnow Monkey On Roof At DuskSnow Monkey On Roof In RainSnow Monkey Pair BathingSnow Monkey Pair GroomingSnow Monkey Pool CleaningSnow Monkey RelaxingSnow Monkey RestingSnow Monkey Side PortraitSnow Monkey SittingSnow Monkey SurfacingSnow Monkey Three GroomingSnow Monkey TouristsTombstoning Rhesus MacaquesBored Gibraltar Barbary MacaqueWaiting Gibraltar Barbary MacaqueBathing Japanese MacaqueFighting Snow MonkeysGibraltar Macaque And TouristsGibraltar Macaque Baby PortraitGibraltar Macaque Climbing StepsGibraltar Macaque Group With InfantGibraltar Macaque In Cable CarGibraltar Macaque PortraitGibraltar Macaque Raiding BagGibraltar Macaque Threat DisplayMan Hand-feeding Rhesus MacaqueRhesus Macaque Drinking Fanta From BottleRhesus Macaque PortraitRhesus Macaques Eating FlowersRhesus Macaques FeedingRhesus Macaques In TempleRhesus Macaques Water FightSnow Monkeys In Hot SpringSnow Monkey Diving Into Hot SpringSnow Monkey Jumping Over RiverSnow Monkey PortraitSnow Monkey Resting On Warm PipeSilhouetted Rhesus MacaqueSnow Monkey Sharing Hot Bath With Man